A Restful Bedroom

We’ve been busy this week developing concepts for a lovely couple who’ve asked us to create a luxurious and restful bedroom suite. They both work full time, are slaves to lengthy commutes in to london, have two pre-school aged kids to look after…and if that wasn’t enough they also have a small holding complete with sheep, pigs and ponies. No wonder they’re in need of a little relaxation!

We presented two concept options earlier this week and now find ourselves with a little problem – our clients can’t decide which one they love more. What a fabulous problem to have!

Manhattan is a very ‘grown up’ and glamorous look; very sleek and sophisticated. The idea is to work from a neutral colour palette of pale grey and taupe to create a restful feel, but use accents of deep navy blue to add depth and drama

Stockholm (as the name suggests) draws more on contemporary Scandinavian design to create a look which feels less formal, perhaps slightly younger and fresher than Manhattan. Its a more eclectic look – traditional elements such as a classic upholstered bed are mixed mixed up with contemporary lighting and mid century side tables and chairs. Its less ‘match match’, more easy going.

Restful, neutral tones are the order of the day here (warm beige, taupe and grey tones against fresher off whites) and then to add interest we go all out on the texture to create a room which feels cosy and inviting

Which one would you choose? (Click images to view larger)


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