Banquette Seating


Banquette seating is a great way to save space in a dining area.  With the banquette against the wall, you don’t have to alllow any additional space to pull out the chair.  It is also great for families where you can squeeze lots of children for birthday parties!

In this famliy home, the dining table was originally in the centre of the room, only allowing a small 2 seater sofa for casual seating. As this room opens out to the South facing garden we thought it was important to be able to sit and enjoy the garden.

We moved the dining table to the back wall, incorporating a large banquette and 8 seater table.  This allowed a much larger space where we added a casual seating area.


Our clients loved colour and pattern, during the sourcing phase we gave them a couple of different options for the style of banquette.

A deep buttoned straight topped or for a fun twist on the traditional we added a scallop.

Shelves and wall lights above create a great focal point.  The lights add additional ambient lighting for evening dinners and the shelves offer a place to display family photo’s and decorative accessories.

We offer a full styling service to complete this really important part – it makes a huge difference.

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