Why Hire Switch Interior Design?

People often wonder what exactly Interior Designers do, so we thought we’d set the record straight!  There are many reasons why working with us can be of real benefit (I could write an essay on why everyone needs a good designer in their life!) but I’ve tried to be disciplined and keep it short. 

Read on below for 4 key reasons why you need the Switch Service…..

We Save You Money

Its true, working with an interior designer may add an extra cost to your budget         initially; but hiring a professional is a smart financial decision for a number of reasons:

We are able to source the best quality products and ensure you’re getting them at the right prices. We also have access to generous trade discounts which we share with our clients in order to offset our design fee

Our experience tells us which areas of a scheme are worth investing in, and other areas where we can make smart decisions to save you money

Hiring a designer can save money on expensive mistakes that can happen when a project isn’t planned fully and avoid costly impulse buys which end up being a disappointment

A beautiful design and great functional use of space can add value to your home and deliver a stronger return on your initial investment. 


We Save You Time

Our design service will save you precious time. Putting a successful design scheme together takes time – hours, weeks or even months.

For clients with busy lives, juggling work and family responsibilities It makes sense to outsource this and let us do the hard work for you 

Our ‘little black book’ of trusted suppliers means we know where to find everything required to create a beautiful bespoke space. This will save you countless hours researching products, brands, and prices. 

Everything is collated by us and simply presented for your approval. 

We can also develop detailed design specifications, place orders, arrange delivery and installation providing you with a full turn key solution. 

We Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Clients often have a vision for how they would like their home to look, but struggle to know how to make it a reality 

We listen carefully to your brief and really get into the detail of what you’d like to achieve 

Your space is brought to life with creative concepts, detailed drawings and samples to help you visualise the end result – a timeless interior you will love for years.

We don’t work to a ‘house style’.instead each project is inspired by the architectural style of the property and our Clients personal requirements. 

We Get The Detail Right

An interior designers role encapsulates more than just the ‘look’ of a room. We develop a layout which maximises the use of every inch, and has a cohesive flow from one room to the next

We can provide lighting and electrical plans, design clever fitted furniture and source products from a wealth of exclusive trade only suppliers. 

Where required, we can help to manage builders/ tradesmen to keep your project on track and ensure that the creative vision is delivered.

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