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Banquette Seating

WHY A BANQUETTE? Banquette seating is a great way to save space in a dining area.  With the banquette against the wall, you don’t have to alllow any additional space to pull out the chair.  It is also great for families where you can squeeze lots of children for birthday parties! In this famliy home,
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Master Bedroom Planning

SPACE PLANNING In this large master suite, we started with the superking bed with a large shaped patterned headboard in one of our favourite fabrics - Rapture & Wright Webbs Wonder. In the bay window, with views to the garden, we added a bespoke fitted dressing table with loads of additional storage. A large velvet
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Family Bathroom

SPACE PLANNING The original layout of the bathroom was highly inefficient with the bath in the centre of the room!  The vanity unit was in between the windows meaning it was really small for a bathroom of this size! We switched everything around with the large double vanity sitting near the main window where a
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