Category: Space Planning & Concepts

Bathroom Planning

It's not often you get a big enough bathroom where you can do something completely different.  We are super excited about this - we have placed the bath in the centre of the room with a large chanderlier above  - given the ceilings are over 3m high we can get away with a more decorative
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Mulit-Function design

During the covid years,  the frustrations and shortcomings of our homes really came into light. When there is nowhere else to go, our homes have had to work much harder to perform so many more functions: schoolroom; Zoom-ready work space; home gym; meditation space; movie theatre; romantic restaurant – the list goes on!  Living through
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Building a neutral scheme

THE BRIEF Starting Point Lots of our clients want a neutral scheme but don't want it to be boring. How do we do this?  It comes down to careful planning and ensuring there is plenty of interest using tonal paint variations and lots of different textures - from boucle, velvet, linen to adding wood and
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